If a Chairman of the Board of Directors failed for six months to get approval by the Board of any and all items of the Agenda, this Chairman/Chairperson should resign before being ousted by the Corporation.

In the case of Chancellor Markel and the German Presidency of the EU, the case is easier.
The German Presidency ends in December and Mme Merkel is already prepared to go home.

This Presidency is considered the worst in the history of European Presidencies of the Union.

This Presidency had to solve great challenges:

  1. The coordinated by the EU total common strategy and tactics for a homogeneous series of measures to face the COVID-19 pandemic.
    French President Emmanuel Macron warned that the Covid-19 pandemic was challenging “the survival of the European project”. States had to face the pandemic individually and ad hoc.
    The Presidency failed.
  1. To solve and close the festering sore of the Brexit issue.
    Middle-level bureaucrats continue to argue on such insignificant issues as the nationality of sardines.
    The Presidency failed.
  1. The common EU budgets.
    No resolution in sight for the deadlock holding up the EU’s economic recovery package, which includes the EU’s seven-year budget, in a showdown with two eastern European Union countries that have threatened to veto a $2.2 trillion spending package and some 750 billion euros ($900 million) of jointly financed pandemic aid.
    No honest and holistic solution is provided.
    The Presidency failed.
  1. The Turkish aggression in the Med, the Middle East, the Caucasus, and North Africa.
    Turkish is actively threatening the Peace of the whole above-mentioned area and specifically two EU members.
    Germany opted for an appeasement policy with the Turkish strongman Erdogan, pressing the EU members to submit instead of defending them.
    When Erdogan did the diplomatic equivalent of spitting in Germany’s face, Germany opted to overlook it, prioritizing its own economic interests with Turkey over its own prestige and to the detriment of the EU status and policy.
    Turkey is encouraged by the muting of the EU reaction by the German Presidency, in spite of the French and other States’ disagreements.
    The Presidency failed.

This list can go on but the above is enough to demonstrate the unwillingness of Germany once again to see further than its own narrow interests within the EU and provide, even a time limited, leadership.

Matters are now about to coagulate under the double hit of the Pandemic lock up and the Seasonal Holidays.

The German Presidency managed to increase the schism within the EU, North and South, East and West.

The strategic EU impasse worsens.

Everybody is hoping that the new tone will be set by the Americans.

If and when they come.


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  1. Correct, that’s how things are. Then they blame the south, Greece, Italy, etc, for not being resolute enough by not taking decisions and not carrying the reforms that the situations necessitated . They ignore the fact that the south does not have the economic might and political clout that Germany has. They call us contemptuously the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain).

  2. Germany cannot exercise leadership in Europe because her economy depends on exports ( and therefore is hostage of the importing countries like China and Turkey) and her diplomatic capabilities are mediocre.

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