Libya is only one step away from Chaos, fragmentation and terrorism. Fights between Hifter the renegade General’s irregular forces and other militias erupt with unclear aims and with the total absence of State Authority. The sad remains of State Authority will last as long as the remains of the once full State Purse last which is not long.

General Sisi ,the probable future President of Egypt issued a serious warning that » he will not allow the armed turmoil of Libya to threaten Egypt’s National Security.»

General Hifter is attacking the Muslim Brotherhood and for that he has the approval and some material support from Egypt ,Algeria and even Tunisia. This however is only part of the clashes between militias ,with tribalism and State Assets looting being the driving forces in every fighting group. This situation cannot continue long term,with the enormous loss of income that Libya suffers from the collapse of the oil exports which constitutes the only income of this Country.

Egypt cannot afford to have this festering sore in its frontier for long. Although we have no indication about it,we cannot avoid to note that the occupation and pacification of Cyrenaica will solve all the economic problems of Egypt in one stroke.


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